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A Better Fighting Strategy For UFC Fighters

Let's ramp up our skills

It always amazes me when I watch the UFC and other martial organizations. I will not claim to be any kind of expert, hell I don't even have a black least not one I can tie around my waist.

One of my pals who I got started in my basement, went on to BJJ and won a world championship at white belt and is currently going after his 2nd world title as a purple belt-had this to say:

"Jimmy, you may only have a brown belt but you have black belt knowledge and can breakdown a fight in way I've never heard before."

I suppose there might be some truth to what he said. I've been studying martial arts since 1974 and for the most part, it's been home study. Yes I did take a mixed variety of hapkido that included about 8 martial arts rolled into one; however reading books including public domain stuff from the 1800's and upwards, gives me a different view of striking and grappling.

In this post, I want to touch on two things I think UFC fighters could improve on. Hammerfists and escaping from a standing rear naked choke.

Okay let's start with hammerfists, one of my fav strikes as you may have gathered. We can use anyone for an example but lets go with Brock Lesnar. The guy is a beast but he used the hammerfist incorrectly. His style is more of what I call a pitter patter. Multiple repeated short shots that eventually did the person in.

Instead of that, what I would have coached Brock to do is this:

When he has you against the cage, use the left hand to short jab and bring the right down and brush against the right side of his hip as the whole arm winds up and over, slamming into your head. Stop thinking hammerfist and think sledgehammer. How do you strike with a sledgehammer? You don't pitter patter on a tire, you wind that sucker up and slam it down. This can be done against the cage or while you have your opponent on the floor.

Here is an example of using the hammerfist to cut someone's motor skills. Hitting on the side of the neck produces a shockwave that travels down the spine and cuts out the ability to stand. And if you were to strike like this in the UFC, it is legal as long as it is below the ear and not the back of the neck.

Hammerfist Video

Okay next up, lets picture that you are standing next to the cage and your opponent has mounted you from behind, with his legs wrapped around your waist. As his right arm comes over your shoulder, stop just grabbing his wrist and tugging it around. Instead, grip his wrist with both hands and then push his arm upwards so that his elbow is now at a 45 degree angle to his body...then jerk his arm downwards as hard as you can and he should come flying off your back.

Okay that is it for this post. Next post. Old school wrestling.
Everyone has heard of the wrestling families like the Harts, and the Von Erichs. Did you know there is also another massive wrestling family full of interesting characters? Well I will fill you in on that.

The Beast From the East :)

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